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2022 Retain Your Employees! Your Workplace Ethics to Avoid Litigations and Financial Disaster: Employers Now Prioritizing Right

2022 How Ethics in Your Workplace Help in Employee Retention?

If it’s legal doesn’t that mean it’s ethical?  

How can having an ethical code benefit your profits and protect your company from legal problems? How can NOT having one set you up for problems and financial disaster? The bottom line is that companies should have ethics codes to promote ethical behavior – not to enhance productivity, profits, or public relations.  

A sound and well-administered code can benefit a company and its stakeholders in a variety of ways. Ethical organizations develop and maintain strong responsibilities to the general public, their customers, their employees, and their investors. However, only developing an ethics compliance policy is not enough.

Organizations need to develop a culture of ethics which includes training of managers and employees and adding it into your employee handbook with leadership taking an active role.

The pandemic wasn't the only impact of Ethics in the workplace. Employers who have decreased their ethics compliance have been known to lose in employee retention. Transparency is more of a need now than ever before.

Hybrid workplaces have also made an impact in workplaces. Remote work and those Employers making a decision to have employees come to the office have to ensure they provide ethics training so employees understand what is expected. It affects your employee retention and turnover rates.

A weak ethics program can ruin your company’s reputation and will lose you,r employees. Join us on Compliancevent to learn how a well-established ethics program will bring value to any company, especially yours. You will also receive a FREE customized compliance tool to help you stay compliant.



What will You Learn?

-What is workplace ethics and how to implement it in yours?
-How does transparency by workplace leaders help develop an ethical program?
-How does the great resignation concept affect employees who do not trust employers?
-How will regular ethics training prepare managers and professionals to establish an effective ethics program?
-How will a weak ethics program affect your company and employees in 2022?
-How can an effective ethics program and training increase your company’s performance and reputation in 2022?
-How did the pandemic affect ethics in your workplace?
-How has the previous administration changed how ethics is perceived in the workplace?
-What best practices on ethics focus can provide significant factors in the workplace?




Why Do You Need an Ethics Code in Your Company?

The pandemic has forced many ethical considerations to the forefront of HR. 
Whether confronting issues related to vaccinations, masking, employee retention, or mental health, making decisions based on ethics is a daily chore for many HR professionals. Moreover, ethics impact employees who value a company with ethics and have been known to stay employed with such a company.


Strong and effective communication is necessary to establish a viable work environment. Many HR professionals and other professionals are required to attend ethics classes as part of their professional associations and careers. This requirement will assist Employers to ensure that Ethics is part of compliance initiatives.



Who Will Benefit?

-All Employers
-Business Owners
-Company Leadership
-HR Professionals
-Defense and federal contractors
-Compliance professionals
-Small Business Owners
-Ethics officers


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