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OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Forms and Recordkeeping Updates

The year 2024 will bring about significant changes to OSHA's recordkeeping regulations, leaving many companies with questions and concerns about compliance and data management.

Navigating OSHA's 2024 recordkeeping changes can be a daunting task.

Join us to address the knowledge gaps and needs of both beginners and seasoned EHS Professionals by providing:

- Comprehensive Overview: Gain confidence in understanding and implementing the updated OSHA 300 Log Recordkeeping Reporting Requirements for 2024.
- Step-by-Step Guidance: Learn how to effortlessly complete the OSHA 300 Logs, including the OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Forms.
- Work Relatedness Mastery: Effectively determine work-related incidents and ensure accurate recordkeeping in light of the latest OSHA updates.
- First Aid vs. Medical Treatment: Discover the crucial distinctions between these categories, ensuring compliance with OSHA's 2024 requirements.
- Scenario-Based Learning: Address site-specific challenges and real-world scenarios, enhancing your practical expertise with the most current guidelines.
- Interactive Q&A: Get answers to your unique site-specific questions and concerns, making the content directly applicable to your role.

What You Will Learn

- 2024 OSHA 300 Log Electronic Recordkeeping: Understand the latest updates and reporting guidelines in 2024.
- Navigating the OSHA 300 Log Electronic Reporting System: Gain proficiency in effortlessly managing your data using the most recent tools and technology.
- Completing OSHA 300 Logs: Master the intricacies of OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Forms with ease in line with the updated regulations for 2024.
- Determining Work Relatedness: Ensure accurate assessment and reporting of incidents, accounting for the 2024 changes.
- Differentiating First Aid vs. Medical Treatment: Avoid common pitfalls and compliance issues with up-to-date information.
- Site-Specific Scenarios: Tackle unique challenges confidently with insights aligned with OSHA's 2024 guidelines.

Who will Benefit

- Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professionals
- Loss Prevention Managers
- Insurance Professionals
- Human Resources Professionals
- Plant Managers
- Safety Committee Members
- All Employers
- Business Owners
- Compliance Professionals
- Company Leadership
- Large Business Owners
- Facilities Managers
- Safety Managers
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Small Business Owners

Why Compliancevent is Your Best Choice For OSHA Learning

- Interactive Learning: Engage in live discussions, scenario-based exercises, and direct access to industry experts to address the evolving challenges of 2024.
- Specialized Focus: Our training is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of EHS Professionals, with a keen focus on the latest 2024 updates.
- Actionable Insights: Receive a toolkit of actionable strategies and resources for immediate implementation in accordance with the 2024 regulations.
- Community Support: Join a community of EHS Professionals dedicated to continuous improvement and success in a world of changing regulations.


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