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2022 Harassment and Bullying Allegations: Workplace Investigations, Legal Compliance and Your Obligations

Conducting Investigations on Harassment and Bullying Allegations in 2022

What's sexual harassment and bullying? How can you conduct unbiased and legally compliant investigations in the workplace? When can you be sued? Join us to find out.

Missteps in handling sensitive employee issues could result in your organization writing a check with a lot of zeros on it. How companies investigate potential misconduct can affect the company’s reputation as well as its bottom line. Cultural and generational diversity is changing the landscape of the US workforce. That diversity can become fuel for all types of litigation. Understanding how to effectively conduct workplace investigations can greatly reduce the chances of your organization being sued.


Join us on Compliancevent to learn about your legal obligations when conducting successful and unbiased investigations to establish a fair work environment for your workforce.




Why is it Necessary to Attend?

You will receive information and practical advice on how to effectively handle an investigation when harassment or bullying occurs. You will be better prepared to determine what circumstances prompted the investigation, the importance of dealing with problems early on, enforcement of company policies, and knowing the right questions to ask. You will also learn what steps to take to protect your company from future lawsuits.




Get Answers to

-What constitutes harassment in the workplace?
-What constitutes bullying in the workplace?
-What prompts a workplace investigation?
-What laws are violated by harassment?
-What are the two basic types of harassment?
-What are the basic rules to follow when conducting effective investigations?
-What are your legal obligations when conducting internal investigations?




How to

-Review the complaint?
-Gather evidence?
-Prepare for the investigation?
-Appoint an investigator?
-Interview the Complainant, Alleged Wrongdoer, and Witnesses?
-Conclude the investigation?
-Handle post-investigative issues?
-Prepare and write an investigative report?




What will You Learn?

-Quid-pro-quo situations
-Hostile work environments
-Various types of complaints
-Steps to take to ensure a successful investigation
-Importance of solid documentation
-Establishing a documentation “chain of custody”
-Discussing investigation results with decision-makers
-Preventive strategies going forward




Who Will Benefit?

-Human Resources professionals
-Business Owners
-Project Managers
-Senior leadership
-Compliance professionals
-Managers & Supervisors


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