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Human Resource & Payroll

FLSA Basics in 2024: Ensuring Compliance with the Wage and Hour Laws & Employee Classification


The most important thing to your employees is their paychecks. If those aren’t right, you’ll have a very unhappy staff. And you can have the government come down on you!

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) explains how you need to pay your employees. It’s been the law since 1938, so you’d think it would be easy to understand, but times have changed, and the law hasn’t caught up.

This webinar will give you a basic understanding of how to keep your employees paid properly and legally!


Areas Covered in this training:

In this webinar, you’ll learn-

· Basic overview of FLSA
· What exempt and non-exempt mean
· How you qualify to be an exempt employee

          o What makes you a manager
          o What makes you a professional
          o What makes you an administrative professional
          o What makes you outside sales

· How you have to pay exempt employees
· When you can deduct
· Non-exempt employees

          o Overtime rules
          o Piece rate
          o Tipped staff

· Minimum Wage
· Things FLSA doesn’t require (but you should offer)
· Who is covered by FLSA


Why Attend this Training:

If you want to keep the Department of Labor from knocking at your door, you should understand the basics of FLSA. Knowing the legal requirements for paying your employees can save you headaches and literally millions of dollars in back-pay lawsuits.


Suggested Attendees:

· Business Owners
· Human Resources professionals
· Managers & Supervisors
· Project Managers
· Team Leaders


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