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HUD Final Rule on Management & Occupant Review (MOR) – 2022


MOR’s tend to make everyone panic and worry. Now, HUD has published Final Rule on Streamlining Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) for the Section 8 Programs. Under the new rule, MORs will occur on a one, two, or three-year schedule based on the previous MOR score and the Risk Classification. The Final Rule also clarifies that HUD or a CA retains the right to schedule a MOR at any time. Conditions?

The MOR verifies that property owners and management agents are in compliance with HUD and other federal regulations and their Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract. While conducting the MOR, HUD or CA staff must review all documentation in the tenant file going back to the date of the last MOR.

Join this webinar, it will help you prepare for a management occupancy review. Reviews are required on an annual basis for each property that is covered by a project-based Section 8 contract. We will walk you through all of the steps of the MOR review. By good preparation, you will have a successful MOR. There is a new, final ruling which goes into effect in September 2022. This ruling will be discussed in detail.


Areas Covered in this Training-

-What are the latest updates going effective on Sept 26th, 2022?
-What is a Management & Occupancy Review(MOR)
-What is REAC and how is it used
-Maintenance and standard operating procedure
-Leasing and occupancy
-How to set up good Tenant Files
-Security of information – How to interpret results of MOR review
-Physical Inspection
-The MOR report and findings
-Other relevant items from HUD handbook 4350.1


Why Attend this Training-

The MORs are worrisome and can make most of the people worry. Add to this, the HUD published new final Rules on MOR schedule, effective this September – Sept 26th, 2022.

So what all preparations you need to make? What is the catch in the final Rules? What all is said in the new Final Rules? All this will be covered in this webinar. Also, you will learn about REAC, maintenance to be kept, & SOPs along with the final rule as of September 2022. Also will be covered the other relevant items from HUD handbook 4350.1
This webinar will demystify the MOR and give you the tools needed to have a successful review.


Duration: 60 Minutes
Suggested Attendees

-Property Managers
-Property owners
-Leasing Consultants
-Housing Authority Staff
-Tax credit compliance staff

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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