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Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: Tax Overview & Clean Energy Tax Credits


This webinar will be an overview of the changes made to the IRC by the Inflation Act of 2022. A look at the tax reform that will affect Corporations, and high-income earners making $400,000. The clean vehicle credit expansion and new used clean vehicle credit will also be looked at during this time. The expansion and new qualifications for individual and commercial clean vehicle credits will be discussed in the first half of this presentation. The second half of the presentation will be focused on other sources of clean energy that are eligible for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. This includes the credit for solar, wind, and fuel cell energy-powered homes.



Areas Covered in this Training

-Tax Reform - Understand how tax rates will change for corporations, and individuals making over $400,000.
-Understand how to the clean vehicle credit has been expanded and the new qualifications.
-Learn about the new used clean vehicle tax credit for eligible used clean vehicles.
-Learn about §45W which allows businesses to claim a clean vehicle credit of up to $40,000 per qualifying vehicle
-Understand the changes to §25D for solar energy credits, fuel cells, and other clean energy for homes and commercial spaces.



Why Attend this Training

After the end of this event, participants will get an understanding of how the new and expanded tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act will affect their clients. They will be able to take this information to help their clients plan to reduce their tax bill from 2023 until 2032 by investing in clean energy.
Participants will also know how their high-earning clients will be affected by the tax reform and seek out planning opportunities for them. As well as any Corporate clients they may have.
Help your clients reduce their tax bill by $7,500 by purchasing a qualifying clean vehicle. Help your business clients save up to $40,000 per qualifying clean commercial vehicle.



Duration – 90 Minutes
Suggested Attendees:

-Tax professionals and financial advisors with clients interested in investing in clean energy for their vehicles, homes, or businesses should also attend this webinar. They will love knowing if their clients qualify and what they should look for to make sure their clients can take full advantage of the tax credits.
-Professionals with high-income earning clients and or corporate clients should also attend so they will know how their tax clients will be affected by the tax reform under the Inflation Reduction Act.


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