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Legal Issues Concerning Employees with Psychiatric Illnesses In the Wake of the COVID Pandemic


How often have we thought of a mass shooting at a workplace or other work-related catastrophes thinking we knew or should have seen it coming?

How concerned are you about increasing mental health issues in the wake of the pandemic?

Should we see these and other issues coming? Should we address them? Probably.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities, including those with mental impairments, that substantially limit their major life activities--unless the accommodation causes an undue hardship on the employer, or the employee poses a direct threat either to his safety or the safety of others. But what does all that really mean? When interacting with employees with psychiatric conditions, which fears and concerns are valid?

How should employers address these concerns, especially in light of the increase in and devastating damage caused by incidents of workplace violence? How do you know when someone has a psychiatric illness or is just going through temporary stress? If it’s temporary stress, can it cross the line and become a more long-term psychiatric issue? For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has left lasting medical, physical, and mental effects.

Either way, when one or more of your employees does have a psychiatric illness, what are your obligations? Not knowing the answers to these questions could guarantee you legal trouble. By becoming aware of your responsibilities, you can take your first steps toward preventing tragedy, ensuring a productive, engaged workforce and safe workplace, and that you are protected against legal liability.

This webinar will discuss the employment rights of persons with psychiatric disabilities and conversely the employer’s responsibilities toward those employees under the ADA and other applicable laws, with emphasis on workplace accommodations.



Areas covered in this Training

-Mental Illness in the Workplace: Trends and Statistics
-Applicable Laws (ADA, Rehabilitation Act, Executive Orders, among others)
-Potential Legal Issues: Discrimination, Disparate Treatment, Disparate Impact;
-Americans with Disabilities Act (Definition of Disability, Reasonable Accommodation, Undue Hardship, Direct Threat;
-Workplace Safety/Violence Issues;
-Leave and Attendance Issues;
-Substance Abuse;
-Permissible inquiries, medical exams;
-Co-worker questions and issues.
-The impact of the COVID pandemic on mental health and obligations to accommodate.


Duration: 90 Minutes
Suggested Attendees

-Business Owners
-Senior Managers
-H.R Practitioners at all levels
-Leave and Benefits Administrators
-Safety Officers

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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