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Mastering QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds (Downloaded Transactions)

2023 UPDATE. Categorizing transactions, matching, bank reconciliations, PayPal, and troubleshooting balances.

QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds (Also known as “Online Banking” or “Downloaded Transactions") has transformed how accounting professionals approach bookkeeping, write-up and bank reconciliations.

If you’re looking to improve your accounting efficiency through bank rules automation, join Hector Garcia, CPA, in this webinar to get the latest updates on features and mastering techniques on QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds. In this session, Hector will go in-depth on programmable Bank Rules that allow users to automate the way downloaded transactions are categorized and posted into check and credit card registers.

Areas Covered 

-Identify how to download/upload bank transactions into QuickBook
-Recognize how to how to classify downloaded bank transactions and/or match the to existing transactions
-Describe how "Bank Rules" work in order to automate data entry / bookkeeping with downloaded transactions

What You will Learn

-Benefits of using QuickBooks® Online for Bank Feeds
-Web Connect Express" vs. Manual QBO/CSV file upload
-Navigating Bank Feeds, adding new transactions, and working with automatically recognized transactions
-Working with Banking Center Rules to control transactions
-Matching Transactions, Batching, and Undo/Exclude options
-Working with the bank registers and reconciling bank accounts after Bank Feeds

Who Will Benefit?

-Accounting Professionals
-Tax Professionals



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