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OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) Ban Lifted! Mandatory for Private Employers with 100+ Employees! What Should Employers Do in 2022?

OSHA ETS Breathe Again: Now Mandatory for You?

On December 17, 2021, the 6th Circuit has ruled that the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards ban has been lifted. What does this mean for Employers with more than 100 employees and for private Employers with less than 100 employees? Although this OSHA ETS has been approved recently, Employers are still confused about the way forward.

Many Employers are pleased with this approval to make the workplace safe and hazard-free. Others are still opting to wait to see if the Supreme Court will overrule this approval. What’s critical is that Employers must prepare for the OSHA ETS until they receive federal updates.

Many Employers were concerned about what needs to be in place to be compliant. However, there are more issues to take into perspective when it comes to the OSHA ETS and the first vaccine mandates by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). There is a dual impact when it comes to the OSHA ETS and the EEOC vaccine mandates. Find out what’s important for Employers to determine as their vaccine programs have to be explored and implemented.


What will help Employers in this and other scenarios:

-What is your current employee status of your employee’s vaccine status?
-What does your leadership see as their philosophy on vaccine mandates?
-Have you developed a policy for vaccine programs whether it is voluntary or mandated programs?
-What can the Employer with less than 100 employees do to mitigate the vaccine programs controversy?


Get answers to:

How can you mitigate all the vaccine mandates by following the EEOC vaccine mandate and the OSHA ETS? How can Employers mitigate the new changes in the EEOC for the Religious and Pregnancy exemptions?

Join us to learn how OSHA recommends dealing with discrimination, accommodations, and non-compliance penalties. You’ll also get a FREE customized compliance tool to help you develop an understanding of ETS.




Why Should You Attend?

Now that the OSHA ETS has been approved, there is a short window where Employers can prepare for the requirements of the OSHA ETS before penalties start. OSHA announced it would not issue citations for noncompliance with any of the ETS requirements until Jan. 10, 2022.

In addition, OSHA made clear it would not issue citations for noncompliance with the ETS’s testing requirements until Feb. 9, 2022, “so long as an employer is exercising reasonable, good faith efforts to come into compliance with the standard.” To be eligible for this waiver, Employers need to prove they have good faith efforts.

Join us to learn how you can prepare a compliance program and abide by it before the penalties start.




What'll You Learn?

-What is the current OSHA ETS Requirements in place that impact Employers with 100+ employees?
-What are the confusions in place with Employers when it comes to the vaccine mandates?
-What are the OSHA ETS requirements and which requirements are the priority?
-What do you have to do regarding reasonable accommodations?
-Who will bear the brunt of the cost for testing under the OSHA ETS?
-What are the steps in creating all the requirements of the OSHA ETS?
-How to be compliant with the OSHA ETS by the time penalties start?
-How will the EEOC vaccine mandates assist in the mitigation of vaccine mandates whether it is mandated or voluntary?
-How to establish a vaccine program that will meet the requirements for the EEOC Guidelines as well as the OSHA ETS?
-How can you reduce the potential for litigation for discrimination or wrongful termination by following our Reasonable Accommodations Program?
-What are the critical policy programs that can change the workplace?
-What are the NEW updates for Employers to deal with when it comes to the workplace?
-How can you mitigate the new updates and implement the vaccine mandates in your company?



Who Must Join?

-All Employers with 100+ employees or near that amount
-Business Owners
-Company Leadership
-Compliance professionals
-HR Professionals
-Compliance Professionals



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