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Understanding The Interactive Process under the ADA: Steps and Employer’s Obligations


More than ever, now, during, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that employers understand their obligations under the ADA to provide reasonable accommodations to any employee that might have a disability. A disability can be a physical condition or a mental impairment. The EEOC says that whenever an employer receives a request for a reasonable accommodation it has to “engage in the interactive process”. What is the interactive process, though? Can an employer always know that an employee has requested an accommodation? Might an employer have to engage in the interactive process when the employee has not explicitly requested an accommodation? The ADA and the interactive process are often poorly understood and fraught with pitfalls. This webinar will explore the interactive process and demystify these and other key concepts.




Areas Covered in this Training:

-How to Definition of Disability under the ADA and Determining Who is Entitled to an Accommodation
-Addressing performance or conduct issues with an employee suspected of having a disability;
-What to do when you want to discipline an employee who mentions that the work problems are related to a disability
-How to Engage in the Interactive Process and When to Initiate the Initial Discussion
-The Effect of COVID-19 on the Accommodation Process
-How to conduct an interactive meeting with the employee without giving in to the employee’s demands
-When can you stop an accommodation




Why Attend this Training

Most employers know that the ADA/ADAAA prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities. Many employers are aware that the ADA requires them to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. But what does that really mean? Who is a disabled individual?

What is reasonable accommodation? How does an employer go about providing accommodations? What is the interactive process and how does it relate to these questions. We will address those and many other questions in this webinar.




Duration: 90 Minutes
Suggested Attendees

-HR managers
-HR Directors
-Benefits and Leave Administrators;
-Department heads and supervisors
-Owners and managers of small businesses
-HR professionals
-HR Administrators
-Compliance Professionals
-Senior Managers;
-In-House Counsel


Suggested Organisations

-Any company with employees can benefit from this webinar.


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